Sweet Dreams

Sometimes our beauty sleep can leave us with unintended consequences: creased faces, which after time can develop into full-blown wrinkles. Dermatologists say they can tell what side you normally sleep on simply by looking at you. Think about it. If we spend one third of our life in bed, a sixty-year-old would have spent roughly 20 years sleeping! The problem is cotton pillowcases: no matter how high the thread count, cotton linens stay put, tugging at the skin. But silk satin pillowcases are slippery and glide over your skin for crease-free snoozing. Silk is a natural temperature regulator, is naturally hypoallergenic, and helps your skin retain moisture. (Cotton is way more absorbent than silk, soaking up all those expensive night creams.) All that, and it just feels great on your skin—one of life’s nice little luxuries. Sleep ‘N Beauty pillowcases are undyed, chemical-free, 100 percent silk, and machine washable. Packaged in a pretty gift box and available in queen/standard for $79.99 or king for $89.99 at sleepnbeauty.com.