Supremÿa Eye At Night: Sisley's Supreme Anti-Aging Serum

It’s easy to push things off ’til later when there are a million things vying for your attention in the here and now. But when it comes to long-term signs of aging, beauty experts are a broken record about getting into an eye cream routine, immediately (if not sooner).

Enter Supremÿa Eye At Night from Sisley, the Parisian pacesetters who brought us the cult-favorite Supremÿa anti-aging serum a few years back. Like the original, the cream-serum formula les yeux (light enough for the delicate/sensitive area) leverages rest time to regenerate cells under undisturbed conditions.

Active botanical ingredients like açai-berry extract and organic oat kernel combat dark circles, eyelid slackness, crows’ feet, and wrinkles, gently correcting premature offenders and extending cell life for a youthful, renewed-looking foundation. Caffeine extract simultaneously reduces under-eye puffiness, while shea butter softens skin for instantly gratifying results, night after night.

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At $310, Eye At Night is certainly an investment, but one that promises pay-offs now—and later. If a stitch in time saves nine, a nightly pat-pat may well save more. Find Supremÿa starting in August at Neiman Marcus.

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