Super Slices

Bigger is better for three county pizza shops

How big is your average slice of pizza? If you’re talking to most New Yorkers, they’ll tell you it’s ideally something you can easily hold and fold right down the middle, so you can order a few pieces per person and call it a day. But for three Westchester pie joints, that conversation has expanded to entirely new parameters.

Below is a ranking of each prominent county dough-slinger’s oversized slice on a scale from 1 to 5 (the latter representing sensory supremacy), taking into consideration not just dimensions, but the quality of sauce, dough, and overall taste.


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Maria’s Pizza, Yorktown

Maria’s has been a mainstay in Yorktown for years, and while its typical slice is definitely the smallest of this jumbo group, it packs a ton of flavor. At Maria’s, it’s all about the crust; not too thin and has just the perfect amount of crunch. You can now even order a giant pie ($25) to go, which measures about three feet across(!). Fitting it into your car might be a bigger problem than cramming it into your face.

Rating: 4/5

Cost: $3.75


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Portofino Pizza, Golden’s Bridge

Like Maria’s, Portofino has been offering their super-sized slice for years. The main difference is Portofino also serves up giant slices from specialty pies like chicken parm. Their’s is also the thinnest among this group, making it a bit hard to handle, though still a delicious mess.

Rating 3/5

Cost: $4.50


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Pizza Barn, Yonkers

Pizza Barn is the new kid on the block when in this category. Introduced just about a month ago, Pizza Barn has already sold more than 4,000 of its over-large slabs. The terrific sauce stands apart, and a $10 can just about feed an entire family.

Rating 3/5

Cost: $10