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Summer Fun 2013: 32 Ways to Have Summer Fun in Westchester


It was a long, lingering winter full of snow, ice, and storms, with cold weather lasting through the end of March and even into April. We holed up, we nested, we shut ourselves off from each other. Yes, the weather’s been warm for a while now, but we’ve still got a whole lot of stuck-inside time to make up for.  Luckily, Westchester gives us lots of reasons to head out into the fresh air. We can enjoy the outdoor patios of our local restaurants. We can meet up with friends for outdoor concerts, plays, and movies—many of which are free. We can finally pull our kids off their iPads and get them to go outside. And, if we can’t find what we’re looking for here, we can put our car tops down, hop on a scenic highway, and drive until we find it. Here, our guide to making the most of summer in the County.  

Day Trips

Get Active

Dining In

Dining Out

Drink Up!


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