Studio 14: Westchester’s 5,000 Sq-Ft Cycling Center

For optimum health, you need a combination of balance, strength, endurance, and a positive lifestyle, and that’s the raison d’être for Studio 14. Principals Gwen Lawrence (a Best of Westchester yoga instructor), Jonny Rothschild (an endurance athlete), and Dennis Briscoe and Tommy Martinetti (both of Rye Health and Fitness) opened this 5,000-square-foot indoor cycling and yoga center on the top tier of the AMC Loewes Movie Theater building (14 Waterfront Pl, Port Chester 914-690-1414; in October. It offers cycling sessions and a full complement of yoga classes—from Foundation 101 to Power Vinyasa, and even a hybrid Cycle/Yoga class. Specialized classes will be offered for teens, and Matrix Boot Camp sessions are offered several times a week. Since classes run from 5:30 am until 8 pm, you’ve got no excuse not to go.