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Stormy Weather Film Fest


No matter what type of outfit I put together in the morning, I feel like I always leave the house wearing the same thing: raincoat, galoshes, umbrella. Now, whenever I try to do anything outdoors, I always make sure to have a back-up plan in case of thunderstorms. (It’s getting to the point where, really, doing anything outdoors is the in-case-of-sunshine back-up plan.) I figure it doesn’t hurt to keep one of these rain-related films on hand for the next time your weekend gets rained out.

The Ice Storm
Westchester resident Ang Lee’s film reminds us things could be worse—it could be rainy and cold. (Or it could be rainy and you could be stuck in a loveless marriage in the Connecticut suburbs.)

Singin’ in the Rain
This crummy weather would be a lot more bearable if you guys would start tap-dancing through it all like you don’t have a care in the world.

The Perfect Storm
From what I’ve heard, the movie is just so-so, but the storm looks pretty terrific. Then again, we can probably all see perfect storms outside our windows.

Monsoon Wedding
I think this summer can classify as Westchester’s first official monsoon season. We have to learn that monsoon-like weather shouldn’t stop us from partying down.

Purple Rain
Hmmm, we should all start to worry if our thunderstorms turn purple. I believe that’s an indicator of some heinous pollution. In the meantime, Prince’s crazy album/film is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so it might deserve another look anyway.

Day After Tomorrow
With weather as the main villain, this disaster film shows how the climate could be worse: There could be earthquakes, tornadoes, and instantly freezing weather all at the same time. It’s also a hilariously bad flick, so that might cheer you up.

Rain Man
Wait a minute—contrary to the title, there’s surprisingly little rain in this movie. Let’s all move to the Las Vegas desert.


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