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Stew’s Put What in a Bagel?


Stew Leonard’s is no stranger to hybrid food creations. There’s the Crogel, a croissant and bagel mix, and the Cro-Do, the supermarket’s version of the Cronut. They’ve recently ventured into the hybrid food territory once again with the Flaming Hot Cheese Bagel. My coworker mistook the mysteriously bright red bagels as red velvet flavored but no, Stew combined a bagel with the bestselling Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (with its interesting origin story here). What were they thinking? We asked.


WM: Whose idea was the Flaming Hot Cheese Bagel? Is there a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos fan over there? Stew Jr himself maybe?

SL: Our bakery team saw it was a trend online and decided to try it.


WM: Are there any other interestingly flavored bagels in the works?

SL: The bakery team in Yonkers is working on a cookies and cream bagel. 


WM: What is the best topping for the Flaming Hot Cheese Bagel? 

SL: Cream cheese

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WM: How many flavors of bagels does Stew’s make? What are the top three sellers? 

SL: Stew’s in Yonkers makes 12 types. Top three are the everything, rainbow, and plain.


WM: How many bagels does Stew’s sell in a week?

SL: 20,000 bagels per week in Yonkers. We make our bagels from scratch the old-fashioned way, boiled and then hearth baked. No preservatives.    

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