Smokehouse Tailgate Grill, the New Rochelle Spot That Shouts College Bar

For another night of the glory days.

So at least one of us was still yearning for the good ol’ days of college before starting this journey. (We’ve since realized that returning to days’ worth of drinking and eating nothing but pizza would bring a prompt and painful end.) But you can still get the college vibe at New Rochelle’s Smokehouse Tailgate Grill. Between the wings, football, and, uh, casual attire (cargo sweatpants in abundance), it’s a little frat house-y, but a mixed crowd keeps the Smokehouse from devolving completely into collegiate chaos, and dammit if it doesn’t make us feel young again. A solid selection of local brews helped elevate the tenor of our night; we chose cinnamon-rimmed pints of pumpkin beer. If you’re going to go, go while there’s some type of game on TV; they have a pin-wheel they spin at halftime, and, depending where it lands, you get prizes, which may very well be a free round. But free round or not, you’ll want to stay a while.