Sing Sing Historic Prison Museum Or Playland’s Children’s Museum: Which Will Open First?

Both have been planned for years. One has a physical location but needs funds. The other has funds, but still needs space. Will either be completed soon?

Sing Sing Historic Prison Museum

Location: Closed sections of Sing Sing Correctional Facility 

Purpose of Project: To illustrate—as only a trip inside one of America’s most famous prisons can—crime and punishment’s place in American culture, tracing through Sing Sing’s own history from 1825 (when inmates were used to build their own prison cells) to a backdrop for Hollywood films.

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Date it was conceived: Late 1990s; updated design concept in 2008

Funding raised: $1.25 million

Funding still needed: $27 million

Anticipated opening date: No time frame

Planned number of visitors: 200,000+ yearly visitors

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Likelihood it’s completed: Not holding our breath

Westchester Children’s Museum

Location: North Bathhouse at Rye Playland 

Purpose of Project: Using an interactive learning space filled with activities related to physics, science, art, music, water play, and natural elements, the museum will provide children and school groups the opportunity to nurture curiosity while broadening knowledge of the arts, the environment, and multiculturalism.

Date it was conceived: 2001

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Funding raised: $2 million

Funding still needed: $4.4 million

Anticipated opening date: Some programs and exhibits have opened; planned completion of museum by 2017

Planned number of visitors: 200,000+ yearly visitors

Likelihood it’s completed: Pretty likely