She’s a Rebel

Apparently, I have unruly and rebellious hair. At least that was the diagnosis of Marie Molnar, owner of the James Deagan Salon (5 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry 914-231-7174) when I visited her cozy shop recently. Her Rx? The Unruly And Rebellious Hair line from Rene Furterer of Paris, which, conveniently, she sells in the salon. The shampoo ($26) and conditioner ($28) are great, but what really sold me (and my hair-straightening daughter), was the Myrrhea anti-frizz silkening potion ($32). Just a dab will do you, smoothed onto towel-dried hair. No need to rinse; just blow-dry as usual. While I can’t quite achieve salon results, it’s pretty close. Consider me tamed.

And while you’re picking up your tress tamers, do try Molnar’s signature scalp massage with essential oils—it’s divine.