Say ‘Yes’ to Fragrance-Free

Fragrance, well done, can be effectively soothing, energizing, seductive… But when it comes to the olfactory arts, it’s a fine line between adding a little something and trying too hard: the bachelor doused in musk (overcompensating?); the sales person chasing you around the perfume department, spritzing you into psychosis; the commercial of a celeb caressing their eponymous, rhinestone-covered flask of eau de has-been.   

In terms of skincare, a great product speaks for itself—without the nasal knockout. A hint of some sort of seasonal berry might be nice to some, but allergic types and others are wise to watch out for the not-so-natural ingredients used to create synthetic scents. Just what the derm ordered for parched, dull skin this season, Yes to Carrots’ new fragrance-free line features carrot’s nourishing beta-carotene (for softness and brightening) and anti-oxidant defenses against wind and harsh temps; plus moisture-facilitating vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera.

My favorites: the hydrating night cream—dense but velvety-light once applied; the exfoliating cleanser with finely ground bamboo—for gentle, daily scrubbing that won’t leave sensitive skin raw; and the makeup-removing wipes—which, unlike others I’ve tried, actually left my face feeling clean. Use them together, along with a humidifier at night and plenty of drinking water during the day, for suppleness that belies Old Man Winter’s best efforts to dry you out.

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Buy it: $5.99 to $14.99 (did I mention it’s ridiculously affordable?) at local Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods stores.