Sara James

Sara James’ talents have made her an invaluable asset to the Business Council of Westchester (BCW) since 2011. She uses her 20-year background in advertising and marketing to constantly breathe new life into the venerable BCW, the county’s largest and most influential business-membership organization, with 1,000 active members and a total of more than 4,000 individual professionals.

James is responsible for recruiting, engaging, and retaining members. Her successes demonstrate her visionary leadership and ability to get things done: Over the past three years, James has created programs and events (including a popular speaker series and programs highlighting energy, customer service, and minority- and women-owned healthcare opportunities) that have increased the BCW’s revenues by more than 60 percent.

James is also involved in every aspect of the Council’s long-term strategic planning and played a key role in overhauling its website.

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“We touch every business sector,” she says, “which gives me the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of businesses and work with very impressive business leaders. It’s been a pleasure to become a part of the nucleus of business in this region. It’s such a strong and vibrant business community.”

James also helps raise the profiles of area nonprofits by emphasizing their economic contributions to Westchester.

“I really enjoy working with people and seeing them and their businesses succeed,” she says. “It’s important to our region. I take pride in the work we do.”