Remember When?


Famous for its popovers, roast beef, extensive greenhouses, and elegant landscaping (not quite grown in here), the 252-seat Patricia Murphy’s Candlelight Restaurant opened in 1954 just north of Roosevelt High School.

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Northwest corner of Roxbury Drive and Central Avenue. Note the phone booth to the right of the cars.

Chinese restaurant Mandarin Garden at 1820 Central Avenue in 1966

Intersection of Central Avenue and Roxbury Drive. Note the County Trust Company at the southwest corner at 2195 Central Avenue. A Chase is located in the spot presently. 

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The lot occupied by Cacciatore’s Wedge House at 1960 Central Avenue is now a Lights On! home and garden lighting store.  

Looking north on Central Avenue in Yonkers circa 1940

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The Greenville Hotel on the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Underhill Road, circa 1895. It remained until about 1925.