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Q&A with Katonah Resident Eve Marx, Author of The Real Housewives of Westchester County


They say you should write about what you know, and Katonah resident Eve Marx, an avid rider and author of eight books on sex, has combined her knowledge of both in her latest book, The Real Horsewives of Westchester County, due out this summer. A darkly comic roman à clef, the book features a freelance journalist on assignment to dish dirt about the elite horsey set in Bedford. Marx describes the book as a “wild gallop through the barns, backyards, and bedrooms of a unique and privileged society.” We caught up with Marx recently for a quick Q&A.

 How did you come to be the county’s leading “sexpert”? It could be because nobody else in the county talks so much about sex, or has written so many books on the topic. Did this sexpertise find its way into your novel? Not really, although the book has its sexy bits. There are some hottie parts and a very naughty club scene. What was the inspiration for the book? People in our area really are a sexy bunch. And the natural beauty of the deciduous forest, gorgeous real estate, history of the community, and horse culture with miles of the riding trail system make Bedford a perfect setting. Will we recognize any of the characters? Except for the name-dropping of certain celebrities known to live in the area, the characters in the story are just that: characters. Of course, that won’t stop some people from wondering. One lady already did threaten to sue me! I hope she was kidding.


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