Psychic Q&A: Pleasantville’s Francine Tesler

What exactly is a psychic medium?
A psychic is someone who can see images, feel and hear things, and who tries to put together pieces of puzzles. A medium can communicate with people who have passed over.

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Why do you call yourself  ‘the psychic for people who don’t usually go to psychics’?
I am a regular person and not like a Madame Zsa Zsa with long white hair and no teeth who says you have a curse. I use my real name and don’t dress up like a gypsy. 

Do you use a crystal ball?
Not usually. It can focus energy but it really is just a prop to get someone comfortable, like holding their hand. The same thing with the cards. I don’t use anything with phone readings.

How did you first know you were psychic?
When I was about five, my parents told me my aunt was in heaven and I said ‘No she’s not; she’s right here’ because I saw her image right in front of me. And then I told them not to be mad at my uncle. It only made sense to them six months later when my uncle ended up remarrying. 

Did you have other premonitions as a child that also came true?
When I was about 10, I begged my dad not to go to work one morning because I knew something bad was going to happen and he ended up going through the windshield in a car accident. 

How did this ability affect your childhood?
I didn’t have a lot of friends. They would call me Grandma Witchy because I would tell them things that were going to happen and when they did they would freak out. 

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Do you go up to strangers in the supermarket? 
My friend calls it ‘psychic Tourette’s.’ I’ll go to ShopRite and approach people and say, ‘Look, there’s no camera, but does this mean anything to you?’ Most of the time people thank you and some freak out and look at me oddly like a deer caught in the headlights. 

What premonitions have you had like this that turned out to be true?
I told someone in Kohl’s that there was something wrong with his chest area. Three days later, he wasn’t feeling well and drove himself to the hospital, where he had a massive heart attack, but survived. Another time, I had surgery and saw an image of pickles dancing over a nurse’s head; that means to me that she was pregnant. She didn’t know it at the time but she was. 

Have you worked with law enforcement?
In one case, they came to me with the brother of someone who was missing. I couldn’t breathe and felt like I was drowning, so I told them he was in the river. The brother threw a chair at me he was so upset. But he came back to apologize several months later when it got warmer and they found the body in the Hudson. 

What is the topic most people ask about?
Love and business. With relationships, a lot of people don’t always hear what they want to hear. I won’t tell someone to keep on being with someone who is married.

How do the topics men and women ask about differ?
Men are interested in business—is my partner being on the up and up and where is my business going? With women, it’s more about love and lost loved ones. 

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Is there any question you won’t answer?
I can’t tell anyone how long they’ll live or how they’ll die. 

Do you play the lottery?
I play the Quick Draw once in a while. The most I won was $2,000.

How can you tell if a psychic is legitimate?
Not allowing you to tape the session is a red flag, as is asking a lot of questions beforehand—I only ask your name and date of birth. And if someone says you need your aura cleansed and they can do that for another hundred dollars, that’s totally bogus.

What are some common misconceptions people have about psychics?
Psychics aren’t god or magicians, we don’t see all or know all and there are no such things as spells or curses. If there were, I would be a millionaire or weigh just a hundred pounds.

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photo by John Rizzo


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