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Pop In to the 914 PopUps Spring Fair


It’s no secret that the way we shop has changed in recent years, with many of us eschewing the mall in favor of online outlets. I mean, who has the time — or the attention span — to stroll from store to store, browsing the racks for hours? Though mall-lovers still exist, even mall shopping has changed, with people heading to the mall primarily to visit a specific store (Hello, Sephora in The Westchester) and then making a quick exit.

Sometimes, though, you want to browse more than one store — but maybe not have to walk the distance of two football fields and an airplane hanger to do it.

914 PopUps is the answer. The brainchild of fashion and style pros Melissa Tomlin and Sarah Roth, 914 PopUps is a brand-new company that creates one-day pop-up shopping events that feature curated lists of style-forward fashion, beauty products, and accessories from local, national, and international vendors.

914 PopUps’ inaugural event, 914 PopUps Spring Fair, will be held this Sunday. Here’s what you need to know:

What: 914 PopUps Spring Fair

When: Sunday, March 19, noon – 3 pm

Where: Koi Creative Space in White Plains, 169 Mamaroneck Ave, 2nd Floor


For more info, contact 914 PopUps at 914popups@gmail.com and follow them on Instagram @914PopUps.

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