Pointing and Laughing

Uh-oh. Time was, if you did something stupid, the only people who could make fun of you for the rest of your life were the people who were there and saw it happen.

That time is no longer.

Now, the whole Internet is laughing at you. Tons of blogs are popping up dedicated to mocking others. Yes, it’s mean-spirited and snarky. Blogs like these reinforce our current troll-like culture, in which anonymous nastiness is becoming the norm. On the other hand, sometimes people deserve it, and it can be hilarious. And, perhaps, fear of being on blogs like these can correct some bad behaviors. (For example, without my permission, my photo is included on a not-linked-to below site that points out the triteness of dressing up like a character from one of my favorite filmmaker’s movies. I’ll never do that again.)

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Take a look at some of these sites below. (Warning: Since these blogs don’t represent our smartest, most civil, or most cultured cross-section, there’s often foul language and other questionable content.)

Dedicated to exposing the worst Facebook statuses, this site is a veritable cornucopia of misspellings, oversharing, and horrible pictures people post of themselves. (I saw one in which a woman was in the midst of a home birth.)

While Etsy.com features cool, cute, crafty handmade and vintage items, Regretsy features the items available on the site that will never be purchased, such as a poncho for a baby chicken.

People of Walmart
This blog tries to capture the essence of the Walmart shopper—you know, the type of person who would put a baby down for a nap in a shopping cart while snoozing on a display sofa himself.

Cake Wrecks
When ordering a cake from a professional baker, it’s best to consult this blog for things that might go wrong, including ugly designs, frosting misspellings, and bakers who just plain don’t get it.

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Awkward Family Photos
Really, the name says it all. (“Sexy People” kind of goes for the same aesthetic, with more horrible school photos.)

So, what do you think? Do these people deserve to be ridiculed in a public forum, or should we leave well enough alone? Let me know in the comments.

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