Pitch It Close

If you want to score, you have to be an optimist, says Carl Alexander, director of golf at the Golf Club of Purchase. “Try to make every pitch shot,” he advises. “Start by visualizing the ball going into the hole from the landing spot you pick. Then, take a practice swing and hold the finish.”

His favorite drill starts with golf balls—but no club—in your hands.

1Set up as if you’re going to swing a club, but hold a ball in each hand.

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Keeping your left hand still, swing your right arm back as if you were cocking a club, then return it to meet the ball in your left hand.


2Repeat the move, but this time swing a club in your right hand, so the grip meets the ball in your left one.

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Most high-handicappers try to pitch the ball with an arms-only swing, Alexander points out.  With this drill, he says, “You have to turn your body to complete the motion.”