Pillow Talk

Bridging color gaps with throw pillows.

Q: My sofa is a pale grayish-green, a shade sometimes called ‘sea foam’ or ‘sage.’ My loveseat is chintz — a beige background with rose-colored flowers and green vines. What color throw pillows should I put on the pale green sofa?
— M.K., Larchmont

A: The word “chintz” suggested a designer with traditional tastes should answer this question, so I asked Susan Thorn, of Susan Thorn Interiors in Cross River (www.susanthorninteriors.com). (Her own home is featured in the latest issue of Westchester Home, by the by.) “I’d say put the chintz, or pick up the rose from the chintz,” Thorn suggests. “Rose pillows would look really pretty.” Anything else? “Why complicate it? Rose complements green very nicely. I’d put two chintz pillows and two rose.” What about picking up the chintz’s vine green? “Stay away from green. Green on green won’t do much.” There you go.