Parlor Pockets, From Dobbs Ferry's The Parlor, Are A Savory Treat

Egg, dough, herbs—what’s not to like?


Parlor Pocket at The Parlor

Okay, just ignore the name, which riffs on a “Hot Pocket,” which—I am merely told, mind you—is a frozen novelty vended to bleary adolescents who may or may not have compromised sobriety. No, this dish at The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry couldn’t be more different. We’re talking a gooey, soft-boiled egg wrapped in smoke-licked pizza dough and then served with fragrant drizzle of truffle oil and a scattering of thyme. Break into the crust for the silky treat inside; it’s kinda like Freshen Up gum or Burrata, if you know what I mean.