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2 Books by Westchester Authors on Pain and Perspective

Featured Adobe Stock | Alena Ozerova. Book covers courtesy of respective authors

Learn how you can address chronic pain or take a moving voyage through a writer’s experience of a turbulent time with these books by local authors.

memoir on pain

The Journal of My Seventieth Year: Spring 2021

By Dave Donelson

West Harrison author and photographer Dave Donelson (a frequent contributor to WM) takes readers on a journey through his experience of spring 2021 with a kaleidoscope of images, poems, topical journal entries, and sundry writings in this unique memoir, which is the final book in a series of four. Readers are invited to step into Donelson’s perspective and view the devastation of the pandemic, political upheaval, and simple, quiet moments of daily life through his probing, compelling, and often quite humorous writing, as well as moving photographs. What results is a classic snapshot of American life.

Donelson SDA, Inc. (2021); 197 pages (pbk, Kindle)

pain management book

When It Hurts: Inside a Pain Management Doctor’s Practice

By Sabrina Shue, MD, with Linda Morrison Spear

Dr. Sabrina Shue of Irvington and writer Linda Spear of Somers join forces to explore what it’s really like inside a White Plains pain-management practice and offer ways in which people can address their own maladies in this informative book. Shue, an interventional pain-management specialist in practice for more than two decades, not only employs true stories to explain various treatments available to individuals suffering from chronic pain but also outlines the cause of such issues and shares treatment options for a host of common ailments, including shingles, back and neck aches, fibromyalgia, and sciatica.

Bink Books (2022); 194 pages (pbk, eBook)

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