Our First 2013 Kids' Photo Contest Winner

Scarsdale’s Maximilian and his mom are the first to win free passes to Rye Playland.

Announcing the first winner of our Kids’ Photo Contest! And it’s a hilarious one.

Meet 3-and-a-half-year-old Maximilian of Scarsdale, whose mom, Kenia Bustamamte, gave us this great picture. Hopefully his face doesn’t get stuck that way!

When asked what his favorite thing about living in Westchester was, Maximilian replied, “I can play in the yard or go to the beach or to a playground or to music, gym, swimming, dacing or anything class. I can always see my friends,” which, for we who grew up in the County, can attest to.

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Anyway, congrats to Maximilian and his family, who just won four free passes to Rye Playland!

Arriving to NY at the airport in January