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Order This Decadent Truffle Cake for Your Holiday Table While You Can


Hear the words dessert and truffle, and you’ll probably think of the classic confection found at your local chocolatier, but Mount Kisco’s La Tulipe Desserts is breaking all the rules.

Chef Maarten Steenman embraces black truffle season. The delectable fungi, usually found shaved atop risotto and pasta for a surcharge, is making its way into Steenman’s “Il Tartufo” chocolate cake. Don’t let the rare delicacy’s savory profile turn you away; the umami punch will completely redefine your definition of dessert and leave you (and the lucky guests you’re willing to share with) begging for more.

The cake consists of layers of chocolate-and-Frangelico sponge cake with a winter-truffle-infused ganache. It’s glazed in a perfectly thin shell of chocolate and coated with chopped hazelnuts. Think Ferrero Rocher, only a million times better. Each cake comes packaged in a beautifully crafted custom box, hand-picked by Steeman. (It’s certainly a case where judging a book, or in this case a cake, by its cover is the right thing to do.)

At $49, it’s reasonably priced, but due to the rarity of black truffles, you better plan ahead if you want to get your hands on one: Holiday orders must be placed by December 20, with pickup available until 5 p.m. Christmas Eve. Get one while you can!

La Tulipe Desserts

455 Lexington Ave
Mount Kisco​


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