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Old Fashioned Cocktail (Recipe)


(Makes one cocktail)
While Bumbery usually lets his customers choose whether rye or bourbon goes into their drinks, in the Old Fashioneds that he makes for himself, Bumbery prefers locally made Berskhire Bourbon from Berkshire Mountain Distillery. “We watched that distillery from the beginning: We’ve been with them the whole way. It feels good when people come into Pour and request Berkshire Bourbon. Chris [Weld, the Westchester-raised founder, owner, and distiller of Berkshire Mountain Distillers] is awesome.” To complete the drink, Bumbery serves it with a single large ice cube. Other barmen have noted that a large cube results in less dilution, but Bumbery is less scientific, saying, “Bottom line: The big cube just looks cool.”

  •  2 orange wedges
  •  2 Luxardo cherries (plus one for garnish)
  •  2 cubes sugar
  •  2 dashes Angostura or Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters
  •  2 ½ ounces Berkshire Bourbon.
  •  1 2” ice cube (These can be made at home using Tavolo King Cube Ice Trays, available at Amazon for about $8.)
  •  Cherry juice to garnish

In the glass part of a Boston shaker (the interlocking glass and metal cups that barmen use for shaking drinks), muddle orange, cherries, and sugar until pulpy. Add ice, bitters, and bourbon and shake until the metal part of the shaker is frosty. Strain into a rocks glass that holds one large ice cube. Garnish with one Luxardo cherry and lace the drink with a few drops of Luxardo cherry juice.

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