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NY Health And Wellness: Westchester's New Health Approach


“Health is a three-legged stool of diet, exercise, and the medical side of it,” says Timothy Morley, DO. “You need all three of those in balance before you feel good.”

The goal of his practice, NY Health and Wellness (450 Mamaroneck Ave, Harrison 914-703-4811; www.nyhealthandwellness.com), which opened in January, is to keep all of those legs standing—with a psychological boost—all in one office. 

Treatments start with a blood screening. “My blood panel is the most comprehensive in this county,” says Dr. Morley. He screens for things like dropping hormone levels, toxins, and vitamin deficiencies that can keep people from feeling their best. The practice specializes in infusions—like bio-identical hormone replacement, IV vitamin infusions, or chelation therapy—and is even set up to do a few simple medical procedures. 

Once the medical groundwork is laid, Dr. Morley shares the results with the rest of the team: Jacqui Justice, certified nutrition specialist; Nina Chaifetz, licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic health counselor; and Lisa Avellino, fitness and movement therapist. Together, they figure out a treatment plan that addresses how to exercise properly (and not over-exercise), manage food sensitivities, and deal with psychological problems like stress. And, unlike a local gym or Weight Watchers, all of the experts have access to up-to-date bloodwork to see how patients respond medically to changes in diet and exercise. “Basically,” Dr. Morley says, “we want to create the most comprehensive one-stop place for overall health for men and women.”


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