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Uber Eats Just Expanded Direct Phone Service Into Westchester

Courtesy of Uber.com

The service is made easier than ever, as you can now talk to real-life humans on the phone.

Popular third-party food delivery service Uber Eats this week expanded its direct phone line service into Westchester County and Long Island.

According to Harry Hartfield, communications manager at Uber, the company is bringing this service to areas that have been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and with New York’s elderly population staying inside due to Matilda’s Law, Uber wants to ensure they can still easily access food delivery.

“That population doesn’t always have access to smartphones and advanced technology,” he says, “so we thought about how to make it easier for them.”

This service allows callers to call 1-833-USE-UBER to speak directly with a live representative, who supplies a list of local restaurants based on the caller’s location and preferences, then confirms their order and provides an upfront total price. Launched in New York City last month, lines are open in Westchester from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Uber Eats General Manager Jenn Boldt says the company created this service to “bring the food you love safely to your doorstep through the warmth of a live conversation.”


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