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Tappan Zee-Accident Trucker Drove With Suspended License


The driver whose truck rolled over on the Tappan Zee Bridge during last Friday’s morning rush hour, causing more than four hours of northbound lane closures, was ticketed for having a suspended license, according to NBC New York and numerous other sources. The tractor-trailer belong to Cohoes-based Kelman Transport LLC, though the 61-year-old Troy resident operating the vehicle that day remains unnamed. 

Police have said that the accident resulted from a mechanical failure in the truck’s suspension system, causing the trailer’s load to tilt over and crash into the center cement barrier. Despite there miraculously being no injuries sustained in the wreck, the situation was still rather hectic. Apart from westbound traffic on Interstate 287 that was backed up into Westchester for more than six miles, there was the notable story of Piermont’s Ashley Larkin, who was in labor amid the delay. Larkin was ultimately escorted to the hospital in a state patrol car with an EMS team, giving birth in the facility’s parking lot.

Suffice to say, Kelman has some due diligence to attend to, but perhaps this near-calamity was also a sign that we’re ready for that new bridge after all. 


Video Credit: Qing Chang / ViralHog.com


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