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These Are George Latimer’s Approval Ratings During His First Term as County Executive


The halfway mark of George Latimer’s first term in office seemed the ideal opportunity to take the temperature of our readers about how he’s doing as county executive. Well, the results are in, and following a sampling of more than 500 respondents, the bottom line is this: Westchesterites are not even remotely shy when it comes to voicing their opinions about the county’s highest-ranking public official — and it appears that this public official may be doing something right.

Overall, how would you rate Latimer’s accessibility to the constituency?

rated Latimer as ‘very accessible’

How would you rate Latimer’s trustworthiness?

rated Latimer as ‘very trustworthy’


How satisfied are you with George Latimer’s work regarding Westchester’s economy?

What is your approval rating of Latimer’s overall performance as  county executive?

Do you think Latimer governs in a bipartisan way?

How satisfied are you with George Latimer’s work regarding infrastructure?

Did you vote for Latimer in 2017?


Would you vote for George Latimer again?

(This question was asked only to those who said they voted for him in the previous question)




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