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New Rochelle Trainer Uses Fitness to Aid the Disabled


One Westchester trainer is going way beyond simply helping clients shave inches off their waistlines. Jeff London, founder of Quick Body Solutions, a personal training company serving Westchester and New York City, has been donating his time to helping locals with a range of disabilities to achieve their fitness goals and gain newfound confidence.

London donates his time to The Arc of Westchester, a nonprofit group that aids teens and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, by offering free lessons two days a week at the Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle. “I decided to get involved with the Arc of Westchester because I was interested in working with disenfranchised populations who are often forgotten about,” says London, a New Rochelle native. “The Arc of Westchester has been doing amazing work for years and I wanted to align myself with a organization that was passionate about the population they serve.”

London — a trainer, fitness model, and group fitness instructor — initially contacted the company himself and offered his services. The Arc was immediately responsive and the classes were a hit. “A typical fitness class is an hour in duration,” says London, who adds that the classes of 20 to 30 participants consist of a dynamic warm up, high intensity interval training exercises, a recreational activity such as basketball or kickball, and a cool down period. 

“The exercises are beneficial for the group because they focus on cardio and burning calories,” explains London. “The exercises are challenging but also fun and short in duration. As an instructor you have to find a balance in designing workouts that are challenging but not to the extent where the participants become discouraged. I have seen huge improvements in the group’s endurance and physiques.”

Ahead, London hopes to expand his relationship with The Arc, and continue to work with other intellectually and developmentally disabled young people. “This work has been extremely rewarding for me because it has been effective. The team loves the program and are enthusiastic about exercising,” says London.

“It is great to see young men and women come to class excited, pushing past all barriers,” he adds. “The participants are working hard, improving their self-conception, and having fun. More importantly, they have become more health conscious and some are even exercising independently. It is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in life. I am grateful to be working with such amazing individuals.”

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