Moms: Does Your Outfit Scream “I’ve Let Myself Go”?

Westchester’s Maritza Bernard, mom to Sienna, Shaiya, and Soleil, and founder of Milkshop, a styling and shopping agency for moms and moms-to-be, promises you don’t have to choose between your to-do list and looking good getting it done.  

What are your everyday-look deal-breakers? Or, what’s never acceptable, even when you’re running late and feeling like a hot mess?  Frumpy workout wear and underwear lines. Even worse, seeing your underwear line while wearing frumpy workout clothes!

I understand that moms throw on workout clothes on certain days and don’t change out of them because they are on the go and don’t have time. But, if there is a chance this is going to happen, don’t just put on old pajama bottoms that are stretched out and too short.

Target, Gap, Nordstrom, and lululemon have a great selection of workout wear that allows you to still look attractive and put-together while breaking a sweat or rushing from the gym to pick your kids up.

Underwear lines are another no-no. If thongs are not your thing, try a seamless panty when wearing anything form-fitting to not attract the ‘wrong’ kind of stares.

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Are there any celeb moms you think are a good example of dressing practically but still fashionably? Jessica Alba always looks so comfortable yet beyond stylish when running around with her kids. I love Miranda Kerr’s dressed-up looks and find Sienna Miller’s street style just so cool!

Jessical Alba, mom of two (top). Gap-owned Athleta in Scarsdale leaves no excuse for ratty sweats at the gym (above).

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