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Make a Statement with These Unique Nature-Inspired Pieces


Sometimes your favorite earrings or necklace pairs with only a limited number of outfits or color palettes, so pieces that are versatile are a must. Scarsdale-based Ilyssa Londa’s jewelry is not only functional, but fitting for all ages and occasions. Londa’s statement pieces — including pendants, necklaces, earrings, chains, bracelets, and rings — balance elegance and modern style, and can step up an otherwise-muted outfit.

Her jewelry line is inspired by natural elements found in the mountains and desert. While living on the West Coast, Londa collected stones and became interested in jewelry making, redesigning existing jewelry. She recycled a piece of her own and created her first ring, called the stone ring, selling dozens of the piece in different variations. “That was my first introduction to making a mold and working with a caster. I loved it because it was really creative,” she says, realizing that recycling old jewelry was an inventive and modest way to design.


Ilyssa Londa jewelry looks amazing paired with anything!

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When more customers took an interest in her designs in 2015 she decided to expand her clientele, working privately with clients taking family heirlooms and old jewelry to make new and personal custom pieces. Londa works with leather, metals, diamonds, as well as Amazonite, Moonstone, and Labradorite. She explains, “Jewelry is like art, it’s completely subjective. Jewelry shouldn’t wear you, you should wear jewelry.”

Emphasizing versatility, Londa wants the same piece to “look good with a white t-shirt or a black dress,” making them ideal pieces that transition from day to night. Ilyssa Londa jewlery can be found online and at various retailers including Jewels by Joanne in Scarsdale.


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