Madison Salters, 29

Journalist/Entrepreneur/Social Activist

Madison Salters earned “entrepreneur” status at age 18, when she created a photography company called Pixel Studios. Since then, she has garnered several more titles: journalist, ambassador, translator, public speaker, and world traveler. The 29-year-old from New Rochelle now runs her own Westchester-based content-creation business called BookedIt, through which she contributes various types of journalism. As a writer and editor, she has contributed to publications and websites that include The Toolbox (musician Peter Gabriel’s online social-change platform), The Huffington Post, The Untitled Magazine, Wanderlust Magazine, TripAdvisor World Guides, and TikiChris. “What I love about BookedIt,” Salters says, “is that it doesn’t limit me. It’s not just journalism; it’s also news editing, translation, script writing, and novels.” The multilingual (English, French, Japanese) Salters, who attended graduate school in London, is also an essayist and researcher, and has served as a youth ambassador for Peace and Dialogue Among Cultures for UNESCO, which invited her in 2013 to Istanbul to speak to UN delegates about human dignity. She was also one of the only non-parliamentarians to speak at the International Parliamentary Conference on Gender & Politics in 2012, on the topic of women’s education worldwide.

Location: The Bahn Mi Shop