It’s Mother’s Day This Month, And We Share What We Love Most About Our Very Own Moms

Usually, in our May issue, we’ve given a nod to Mother’s Day by presenting a roundup of best Mother’s Day brunch options, or best alternatives to Mother’s Day brunches, or best alternatives to the alternatives. This year, we decided to share some heartfelt anecdotes about our own mothers—ones you can hopefully relate to when thinking about your own mom.

I lost my mother suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago, so this will now be my second Mother’s Day without her. Of all of the condolences and well wishes I’ve gratefully received, I think the words of my neighbor, Gil, summed it up best: “Your mother is the ace in your deck.” 

By that measure, I suppose that means I’m not playing with a full deck anymore. (C’mon, it’s okay to laugh.) It’s important to keep your sense of humor—and that’s what I remember (and miss) most about my mom. Somewhat cynical, sometimes dark, our shared sense of humor was always alive and well. It didn’t take much for her to get me to laugh, and I always enjoyed making her LOL. I miss her laughter the most. That, and her undivided attention, even to the most mundane or innocuous happenings in my life. She always took a sincere interest in everything.

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Here’s what some of our staff had to say about their mothers:

“My mom passed along to me her warmth, her sense of humor, her love of adventure, but I think it kills her a little that she couldn’t also pass along her innate sense of fashion. [She’s glam; I’m grunge.] She’s my first phone call whenever I need style advice, and I still wear her hand-me-downs. [Sorry, Mom—I still can’t walk in your old heels!]”

—Articles Editor Marisa LaScala

“My mom’s most endearing trait: She never comes to visit empty-handed. Whether it is clothes for my kids [“They just fall into my shopping cart!”]; yummy leftovers or the makings of a new home-cooked meal; an interesting article she clipped [usually some dire warning about a little-known disease or a dangerous household product to avoid] or a fun new product to try [most recently a new type of wine-stopper], her little gifts are her way of saying that she’s been thinking about us. We tease her all the time, but it also shows her amazing generosity.”

—Features Editor Amy R. Partridge

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“My mother’s most endearing quality is her unwavering [and sometimes irrational] defense of my sister and me. We are infallible in her eyes, unless, of course, she decides we’ve done something wrong—then we’re really in trouble.”

—Editorial Assistant Philip Garrity

“My mother was the mom that my friends wished they had. She was warm, cheerful, and full of life—all my friends were ‘Hon,’ ‘Doll,’ ‘Sweetheart,’ or ‘Babe.’ She grew up poor, during the Depression, and suffered through more loss and hardship than anyone should have to, yet she always managed to see the joy and beauty in life. If I was feeling down, she’d put on a record and pull me over to dance—music made everything better. My mom was truly selfless, and I’m thankful for every moment of unconditional love God gave me with her. It’s been 17 years, and I still miss her terribly.”

—Chief Copy Editor Carol Caffin 

“My mother, Lois Claus, is the pure embodiment of good cheer and always sees the positive side of any issue. She keeps herself too busy to complain. At 89, she stays young with multiple book groups, bridge clubs, volunteer work, church activities, and of course, visits from her children and grandchildren. When she ‘retired’ to Hilton Head years ago, she became editor of the island’s magazine, took up canoeing, and even went parasailing in pursuit of a story—it runs in the family. So whenever I think I’m too old to try something new, I just think of my mom soaring over the ocean!”

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—Features Editor Nancy L. Claus

“My mom was the ‘Best Mom on the Block.’ And I’m not just saying this to take away the sting of a less flattering ‘honor’ bestowed by my brother years ago. She was, and still is, always there with a warm hug and smile, and words of encouragement for me, my siblings, and our cousins and friends. She’s also got great taste in music—Diamond Girls rule!”

—Managing Editor Kathryn Walsh

“What I respect and love most about my mother is her ability to single-handedly weather the what-the-hell-could-possibly-come-next firestorm of her three children. She somehow managed to get us all through to adulthood—and lived to tell the tale. She’s always there when we need her, giving more than we could ever ask.”

—Assistant Editor Scott Simone

“My mom is the everyone-before-herself type. Whether it’s making sure everyone is fed, shuttling my brother and me around while we were growing up, or, before she retired, going above the call of duty as a special education teacher, she’s always been a giver.”

—Associate Editor Katie O’Donnell

For those lucky enough to still have their mothers in their lives, please do yourselves a favor, and don’t wait until Mother’s Day to call, write, email, or visit her.

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