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Is The App Minibar Worth Downloading?


With all the cold weather we’ve been having, you might have more occasions than normal to imbibe a bit. To keep yourself stocked, Minibar is the app you’ll want to download. The mobile-first platform—which launched in February 2014 by co-founders Lara Crystal and Lindsey Andrews—provides on-demand access to wine, liquor, beer, and mixers, which are delivered straight to your doorstep. Originally launched in Manhattan, it’s slowly but surely adding Westchester towns to its coverage list, partnering with local liquor stores to provide hassle-free access to your favorite booze. 

We downloaded Minibar to test it out, and we had some thoughts. 

The Good: It’s extremely user-friendly. Just enter your address and the app pairs you with the closest liquor store in your area. Browse through the store’s list of spirits or wines, filtering your results by type, name, or price. So, if you’re searching for a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that’s cheaper than $20, you can limit your search to just those parameters. Then, just place your order, prove you’re 21 (by pressing a button; though they will ID you upon delivery, and there’s a $20 restocking fee should any of your teenagers think they’re slick), pay, and your booze shows up at your door in less than an hour. 

The Bad: Since the app pairs you with the closest liquor store, it may not be the best store in your area. So if the store closest to you has a smaller selection, you’re out of luck. 

The Ugly: The app has a minimum order price, and that minimum is $75. If you’re only looking to get a bottle or two of wine, grab your car keys and head to the store. 


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