#IPADay, the Westchester Way

Our county’s got you covered on the India Pale Ale front


Sure, #IPADay, why not? It started two years ago as a grassroots social-media/viral concept, and now vies for its place among the pantheon of milestone American calendar occasions like #NationalHotDogDay and #NationalFrenchFryDay. (Hashtag or it isn’t real.) If you want more info on where you can spend your Thursday evening floating through hops heaven, click here. Then, toggle back over to this tab so you can scan the below roundup of superlative, bottled-and-canned India Pale Ales brewed right here in Westchester, in the event that a trip to the store will suffice. After all, it is a school night. L’chaim. 


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Captain Lawrence Effortless Session IPA
We’re more or less mandated by law to mention Elmsford’s mainstay microbrewery in any beverage roundup, but we’d have no desire to run afoul of that particular statute, because this session beer is yummy. Drink in the details


Peekskill Brewery Eastern Standard IPA

Photo courtesy of Peekskill Brewery

If it was our beer-critic’s favorite among north Westchester’s offerings, who are you to quibble? A consumer with the right to exercise discretion with your own hard-earned cash? Well, fine then.


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Yonkers Brewing Co. IPA
As local as local brewing gets. Unless you live far away. Then we can’t help you. But otherwise, you’re in luck, because Yonkers’ West Coast-style IPA, which we recommend, is as ubiquitous as Bud round these parts. No, not that Bud. This…. oh, right, they’re called “America” now. Never mind. Drink Yonkers.