Inbox: Letters to the Editors in June 2013

Readers’ letters and comments for this month.

Do We Know Our ABCs?
We’ve been around Westchester for 60 years, so there are a few things on the list (“The Ultimate 914 Bucket List—From A to Z” May 2013) we’ve done so long ago that we’ve forgotten them.
May I suggest the addition of the Peony Garden at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve? It only lasts a week at peak bloom, but it’s not to be missed. Mark the calendar. While on the subject, one can’t visit the Chagall and Matisse stained-glass windows without also paying a visit to the state park and walking at least one trail.
By the way, the cover says 36 things to do, but there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. Get an editor.
DJ and Shirley Toman, Pleasantville

Editor’s response: Whittling down a list of things to do, places to see, and food to eat in a county as all-encompassing as Westchester was difficult. It was so difficult, in fact, we couldn’t get it down to 26, and in a few cases, used one letter to correspond to multiple activities and venues, hence the 36 items we mention on the cover.

High Grade for HyGrade 
As a resident of the hamlet of Croton Falls for 20 years, I was delighted to see our little town made your list of “Best Places to Live” (April 2013).
Croton Falls is well kept, tiny, and a “foodie’s mini-Mecca,” as you mentioned. However, I’m extremely disappointed at the omission of HyGrade Market. It has been a prominent business in Croton Falls for nearly 20 years, far longer than any of the other businesses listed in the article. Not only is it a haven for commuters, providing coffee and breakfast for them while they wait to board a train, the employees prepare and serve excellent sandwiches,
salads, and hot food for lunch and dinner. Additionally, they put out the best and most reasonably priced pizza in town.
It is also a social hub where the locals gather and socialize over a cup of coffee, a cold drink, and possibly a meal in order to catch up with each other.  It’s a place where the city really does meet the country as the locals mingle with commuters striking up conversations. Your failure to mention this popular and most prominent deli in town is a disservice to the owner and staff of HyGrade Market, as this business is the true heart of Croton Falls.
Jaci Maurer, Croton Falls

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Scarsdale Schools
In your “Best Places to Live” article in April’s issue, the Village of Scarsdale was portrayed unfairly and incorrectly. Your flow chart cited our community as a good educational choice only if you’re, first, wealthy, and, second, if you desire a quick commute to New York City over a quality educational experience for your kids.
Our SAT scores, albeit one metric, rank us, by your own polls, second in the County now; two thirds of our seniors are accepted to colleges that the Barron’s Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges ranks as the “most competitive” in the country. Still more, as a county-specific magazine, I expect you to already know these facts.
Dave Jones, Scarsdale

Attorneys Dish Served Cold
Your little piece “Attorneys Dish on Divorce” (May 2013) couldn’t be more tasteless, ignorant, and harmful. It proves that the “club” called divorce attorneys actually relish the hardships the clients go through and, in most cases, push the games to all-new levels of danger and emotional damage, and at the detriment of the children in most cases. This little “fun” piece has absolutely no informational value to anyone in your subscriber base.
Moreover, shame on any attorney for participating. These attorneys proliferate the truth that most attorneys are scum, especially matrimonial attorneys. I know—my ex wife hired four of them until she found the lowest common denominator to represent her. My children are grown now, and live with me and have nothing to do with their mother thanks to her attorney’s desire to make more money.
If you wish to cover divorce, cover it from an intelligent approach, not as a game for sharing meaningless stories. The system is broken; no one writes about that aspect.
Anonymous, Mount Kisco

Where’s the Mustard?
I was dismayed to see the cover photo of the May 2013 issue of Westchester Magazine featuring a Walter’s hot dog drowned in ketchup! Walter’s is known for their unique mustard relish and not to feature that on their hot dog just isn’t done.
Stephen P. McGrath, Scarsdale

Oops! In a recent article (“Top 5,” April 2013), we incorrectly spelled Dorothy Wickenden’s name. We apologize for the error. 

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