These Books Are Perfect for the Hudson Valley History Snob


Westchester County: A History

By Field Horne
An American-history expert, multi-published author, and longtime member of the Westchester County Historical Society, Field Horne crafted this illustrious coffee-table book to detail the county’s story over the last 200 years. It features in-depth information about the region, including its tremendous development, and showcases both archival photography and more than 100 full-color photos — a great resource for any history or Westchester buff.
257 pages (pbk), $40

The Hudson Valley: The First 250 Million Years

By David Levine
Albany-based writer David Levine delivers an engaging read by infusing humor and personal stories into this collection of essays, which chronicle the deep history of the area, beginning with prehistoric times and dinosaurs to the first European settlers, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and up to modern times. Released earlier this year, The Hudson Valley is Levine’s seventh published book.
320 pages (hrd), Globe Pequot Press, $26.95

Westchester: History of an Iconic Suburb

By Robert Marchant
Croton-on-Hudson resident and reporter Robert Marchant covered Westchester County for many years before he published this debut volume, steeped in research and study. Describing the region’s past, starting with its settlement until the present day, it delineates both the area’s significance and its social history, including slavery, suffragettes, political riots, and assassinations. Contemporary engravings and photographs, some of which haven’t been published before, add exclusivity.
200 pages (pbk), McFarland & Company $39.95

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The Life of Benedict Arnold: His Patriotism and His Treason

By Isaac N. Arnold
While Benedict Arnold’s name is synonymous with treason, many may not know who the major general was before becoming the Revolutionary War’s most infamous turncoat. Descendant and former congressman Isaac Arnold gives a look into the downfall of the notorious figure, who attempted to betray the Continental Army right in our backyard, at West Point, including who he really was, why he was considered “the bravest of the brave,” and what his motives were. Originally published in 1880, this book was republished in 2019, as it had not been available in bookstores for more than 100 years.
450 pages (pbk), HVA Press, $19.95

Images of Rail: Rails Around Westchester County

By Kent Patterson
Transportation aficionados will revel in this thorough yet concise book on the history of the railroads surrounding Westchester County (including our modern-day lines: Harlem, Hudson, and New Haven), as told by Dobbs Ferry native and former MTA Metro-North employee Kent Patterson, who also authored Westchester County Airport.
128 pages (pbk), Arcadia Publishing $21.99