How to Nail the Frame Game

Tips for choosing the best pair of summer shades.

Need help choosing your ideal sunglasses for summer? Harris Decker, licensed optician and owner of Eye Designs of Westchester in Armonk and Scarsdale, helps us weigh the most important factors when choosing a new pair of sunnies.


1. Be open-minded: Many patients think they don’t look good in certain frames or styles. While sometimes that can be true, there is more flexibility with sunglasses. People who don’t like wearing round eyeglasses may find large, dark sunglasses with round lenses to be flattering.

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2. Consider the lenses: The type of lens is often the last thing patients consider but should really be a priority. There are UV-blocking lenses, polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, and mirrored lenses. Each is fashionable in its own right but can also affect the way you see and provide different levels of eye protection.

3. Do you need the nose pad? If you tend to sweat a lot during the summer, it is always recommended that you choose nose-padded frames. The pads lift the frame away from your face and keep your lenses free from sweat.

4. Weight: If your nose is sensitive whether from a skin condition or allergies save your nose from the extra stress and choose a lightweight frame.