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Home Décor: Crystal Minerals


Seeking a striking decorative statement that goes well beyond the same old vase or framed photo grouping? Do stop by Architectural Minerals & Stone’s small gallery-like space, showcasing one of the world’s oldest art forms: crystal minerals. Displayed as objets d’art are some of the earth’s most exquisite natural jewels in an array of spectacular hues, shapes, and textures.“Basically, it’s cool stuff, rocks that we like,” says Mark Shedrofsky, who launched the business two years ago. While the business works with top-end designers and architects, private collectors, and even such institutions as the Smithsonian and the Sorbonne, this space, located in a charming old factory right on the River, is its first retail location. The objects showcased range from cylindrical candle holders of orange honeycomb calcite ($75) to a large, quartz coins ($13,000), and include an amethyst “plate” of rich purple crystals ($8,500). Thanks to a 30-year career in the building-stone industry, Shedrofsky has relationships with quarries and mines throughout the world, so you’ll also find a special collection of slabs for building use, including basalt from the Basaltine quarry located north of Rome, schist from Ashfield Stone in Massachusetts, and marble from Vermont Verde Antique. Rounding out the selection are custom stone coffee tables, including one of Onondaga limestone ($2,800), and stunning crystal and gem jewelry.

Architectural Minerals & Stone
1 Bridge St, Irvington (914) 479-0049, architecturalminerals.com


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