A Look Into Westchester County’s Dutch History and Roots

From 1624 to 1664, much of New York State, plus parts of New Jersey,...

6 Westchester Cemeteries Filled With Beauty and History

With pastoral beauty, ethereal artwork, and rich history, a meticulously cared-for cemetery is arguably an outdoor museum.

Do You Know Who’s Buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery?

There are over 45,000 people buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, including a number of notable names in American history.

6 Unforgettable Crimes Connected to Westchester County

From missing persons files to ominous cults, these true crimes committed in our backyard might have you lookin over your shoulder for the near future…

A Look at Aaron Burr’s History in Westchester County

We take a deep dive into the man, the myths, and the mysteries surrounding his life in and around Westchester County.
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Inside the History of Ossining’s Sing Sing Prison

Learn how Ossining's Sing Sing Prison, one of America's most iconic prisons, came into existence in Westchester County.

A Photographic Look at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

A longtime mechanical engineer at the now shuttered Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan has a new book that tells the nuclear power plant’s story through photographs.

Learn All About the Origins of Corned Beef and Cabbage

Just how the heck is it “corned,” and when did a classic Jewish-American deli staple transform into a “traditional” Irish dish?

Photo Essay: An Inside Look at Westchester’s Criminal Past

An exploration of the Westchester County archives in Elmsford unearthed old photos that tell of criminal happenings in the region.

Did You Know B.B. King Sang at Sing Sing Correctional Facility?

Learn how one Ossining filmmaker uncovered the true story of B.B. King’s 1972 concert at Sing Sing Correctional Facility.
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