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Here's How to Zombify Yourself For a Dead-Scary Halloween Costume


Katy Perry and Kat Von D may have their own make-up lines, but if you’ve ever been to The Haunt At Rocky Ledge in White Plains, you’re probably just as familiar with Jon Laguer’s work as you are theirs.

Laguer has been the resident make-up artist at The Haunt for years, and he’s taken time away from his busy schedule of brain eating to give us his top tips for zombifying yourself this Halloween season, no viral-infections necessary.



An easy way for blood to look realistic is to use thick gel blood and dab it onto the skin using a butter knife. Then spray liquid blood over that and let it run down your face and dry like that. 


Use ammonia-free liquid latex because it stays on really well. Use liquid latex then layer toilet paper, then more liquid latex, then more toilet paper. Carefully rip the toilet paper a bit to mimic ripped skin, and then layer gel blood on top. If you want to go all out, crush Cornflakes into liquid latex and slather it into your face with a thick painting brush. 



Want to look sickly pale? Spray white spray paint on your skin and then dab light blue cream make up on top.

For bruises that look straight out of a horror movie, use a red cream make up all over your face and blend a black powder on top with your fingers. 

Really Get Your Hands Dirty.


Jon mentioned a few times to use your hands as much as possible instead of brushes because it helps with blending and makes the make up look more realistic. 

If you want to look creepy without much effort, put liquid blood on your hand and then grab your neck (or a friend’s if you’re doing their make up) to emulate a strangled neck. Then add bruises using a mix of red, green, and yellow cream make up from a bruise wheel, which comes with several colors.

Check out more of Laguer’s work below. For tickets to The Haunt at Rocky Ledge, visit www.hauntatrockyledge.com/tickets.

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