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Here Are Summer's Hot Hair Trends


After a dreary winter and rainy spring, there’s nothing quite like starting off the summer with a fresh haircut. (Am I right, ladies?) It’s time to chop off those split ends and let the sun glint off of your glorious tresses. But what kind of cut is right for you? We caught up with Marina Gautschi, a stylist at Static Hair Salon in White Plains, who provided us with some helpful tips and filled us in on the latest trends.


What are the most popular women’s haircuts this season?

A lot of women want to make a big chop for the summer. The lob and the bob are great cuts for them. The lob is a long bob that can be very dramatic in that it is long in the front and shorter in the back. The bob, on the other hand, is a classic look with a strong shape that, when cut appropriately, will fall right into place. Women can also opt for the shag, a messier look. The perimeter for a shag cut has many more layers that allow for wild wear. Of course, long, layered looks with beautiful face-framing angles and lots of movement are always in style.

What are the best and worst cuts for different hair types?

It’s very easy for curly hair to resemble a triangle: too much volume on the bottom and flat on the top. Creating layers and angles adds balance. The worst things you can see in a straight haircut are lines. Texturizing can help to soften a style while adding movement. A strong perimeter is important when cutting fine hair so as to keep the ends nice and full, rather than too wispy. For thick hair, the most important thing is knowing when and where to remove weight.

Which cuts work best for different face shapes?

The ideal face shape is oval; many haircuts look great on these lucky ladies, from long styles with center partings to cool pixies. Round faces look good with a style that adds wispy edges in order to frame and elongate the face. Soft, side-swept bangs help to diffuse the corners of a square or oblong face, as well as angles around the jawline. A heart-shaped face looks amazing with layers. Lastly, a diamond-shaped face is best suited with a pretty bang, as it disguises the fullness of the upper part of the face.

What are the most popular treatments right now?

Keratin treatments are especially popular during the summer. They help to reduce frizz and cut down on blow dry time, making hair easier to manage.

How often should women get their hair cut?

For those with short-to-medium-length hair, I suggest they maintain their style by getting a cut every four weeks, so that their hair doesn’t lose its shape. For women with longer hair, every six-to-eight weeks will suffice. 


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