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IV Therapy Is a Go-to for Anti-Aging and Nutrition in Westchester


IV therapy grows in popularity in Westchester County, with a dedicated clinic in Scarsdale to help locals get the nutrient-filled injections.

There is a new weapon in the battle to combat aging, fight disease and even recover from a long night out. IV therapy, or the act of injecting vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, or other supplements into the bloodstream, has been gaining in popularity among executives and patients alike.

According to Erika Schwartz, MD, founder of Manhattan’s Evolved Science, IV therapy is superior to simply swallowing a couple pills for several reasons. “Absorption of supplements, vitamins, and enzymes via IV is much quicker and makes the contents of the infusions bioavailable to the patient’s cells where they are needed, immediately,” she says, adding that pills must pass through the gastrointestinal system before being absorbed. “That’s why in hospitals, when a patient is really sick, the only way they get their medications is via IV.”

Schwartz notes available treatments can instantly go to work detoxifying the liver, clearing brain fog, or diminishing inflammation — all of which can prove extremely helpful to businesspeople seeking an edge at the office or trying to rebound from the annual holiday party.

Westchester boasts its own IV-therapy clinic at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine (www.scarsdaleintegrativemedicine.com; 914.722.9440), where they offer a range of drips that can benefit conditions, ranging from asthma and anemia to fatigue and headaches. Other packages include rehydration, metabolic boosters, and a chelation procedure, which helps rid the body of heavy metals. They also offer customized IVs, targeting issues such as cancer recovery, aging, and neurodegeneration. With Schwartz seeing double-digit growth in just the last year, there just might be something to this prickly procedure.

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