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Here's What to Make With Avocados (Besides Guacamole)


Avocado toast

(Duh) Toast bread, scoop out avocado, and mash it with a fork before placing on toast. Top with just salt for purists, or go crazy with spices, seeds, and vegetables.


Avocado replaces butter in brownies for a more heart-healthy fat, making the treat even fudgier and more decadent than the original.

Salad dressing

You can do the Green Goddess dressing, but if you don’t have tons of fresh herbs, Executive Chef Constantine Kalandranis, of 273 Kitchen and 8 North Broadway, has an easier recipe: purée lime, avocado, avocado oil, cilantro, and tomatillo.


Instead of using a sugary banana to get the thick, creamy consistency you want in a smoothie, try avocado. Just make sure to add in berries or a touch of honey, unless you want to do a lean, green smoothie, like Chef Darleen Gross whips up at Organic Pharmer.


Make your morning meal more likely to keep you full until lunchtime by topping your eggs – however you cook them – with mashed avocado or a few slices.


Slice it or whip it into a spread to replace mayonnaise or mustard.


If a salad doesn’t look hearty enough for a main meal, avocado will add some belly-filling heft to those flimsy leaves.

Chocolate pudding

Local dietitian Lisa Ellis makes this treat with avocado, raw honey, cocoa powder, dates, coconut/almond milk, salt, and vanilla.