Health: Seven Westchester County Doctors on Their Toughest Surgeries, Rarest Diagnoses, and Most Memorable Patients

Seven local doctors take us through their toughest surgeries, rarest diagnoses, and most memorable patients.

Photography by Chris Ware

One of the benefits of living in Westchester is—as the lengthy Top Doctors list that you’ll find starting on page 139 can attest—the availability of amazing medical care. Where else can you find doctors treating three generations of the same family or figuring out problems so uncommon there have only been three documented cases in the world? Here, seven local doctors show us why we don’t have to worry about finding superlative healthcare in the county.

The Case of the Watermelon-Sized Tumor                                                                             

The Case of the Toxic Salad                                                           

My Eye-Opening Discovery

My Three-Generation Solution                                   

Building the Bionic Man

My Rare Diagnosis

My “Aha!” Moment