Harder Than Nails?

It’s not every day that some truly new beauty product comes to my attention, but when I heard about a manicure that lasts two entire weeks—well, that’s something I can get behind.

The Shellac system goes on like nail polish, but lasts like a gel—two whole weeks with no chips, smudges, dings, or dents—just flawless, mirror-finish nails. It’s UV-cured after each step: base and two color coats, so there’s zero dry time. Does it work? One of our creative directors, Halina Sabath, tried it out, and put it through its paces. “I loved it,” she says. “I gardened all weekend—without gloves—and my nails still looked great.” Available in 50 cool colors, from pale Negligee and Romantique to vibrant Wildfire and Hot Chilis. Manicures $40; pedicures $50.

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Available at Shine Salon in Ossining and Paulo’s Atelier in Bedford Hills