Grow the Same Flavorful Produce Found at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

For years, Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef/co-owner Dan Barber has worked with plant breeders to develop more flavorful varietals to serve on the Pocantico Hills restaurant’s award-winning tasting menu. Now, you can grow that same produce at home. 

In February, Barber cofounded Row 7 Seed Company, which offers home-garden-sized packets and bulk quantities of chef-and-breeder developed seeds. “Row 7’s mission is to create a more flavorful future for food and to change the agriculture industry from the ground up,” says Barber. “Our model is the first of its kind, built on collaboration between chefs and breeders.”

The company launched with seven varietals, including sunset-hued Badger Flame Beets, which can be eaten raw; 7082 Experimental Cucumber, bred to have a complex bitterness; and fruity Habanada peppers, like a habañero without the burn.

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Row 7 Seed Company