Grooving The Full Swing

“When you’re under the gun, you need a swing that will hold up on the course,” says Alana Swain, former Scarsdale Golf Club director of instruction. The athletic pro, who moved to Atlantic Golf Club this spring, suggests practicing the perfect swing sequence without hitting balls.

Swain’s go-to drill is designed to create a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing, with proper weight shift that will eliminate a deadly over-the-top slice. 

1Hold a headless shaft (or flip a club around to grip the shaft just above the head) in your right hand and put your left hand against your chest with the elbow pointing left.

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2With your feet together, swing the shaft to the top while moving your left elbow in sync with it. This creates good shoulder turn.


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3Stop the swing at the top, step along the line with your left foot, then swing through, again moving the shaft and left elbow together.


Swain adds, “Keeping your grip pressure light and your body balanced will help groove the move.”