Green Vitality Juice Cleanse by O2 Living in Cross River

Drink your veggies! Find out how many vegetables go into a 16 oz. bottle of Vitality Juice

I was talking about juice cleanses with Rosemery Devlin, owner of O2 Living in Cross River, the other day and I was trying to visualize just how much fresh produce went into the Green Vitality drink she was having. So she piled up all the ingredients that go into one 16 ounce bottle: celery, curly and lacinato kales, parsley, Himalayan salt, a lemon, a cucumber, and fennel. That’s seven and a half servings of vegetables! O2 also makes Lemon Twist, Red Radiance, Carrot Kick, and Almond Envy juice drinks, all just as healthy—and tasty.

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