Good Vibrations?

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on in the cosmetic industry these days. First came the vibrating mascara wand, which admittedly I mocked until I actually tried it (yes, it really does work). Now, Lancome has come out with what it calls the world’s first micro-vibrating mineral foundation called Oscillation Power Foundation, which promises to give you “a pixel-precise complexion.” Come again? Sure, we know that mineral makeup is good for your skin, but what the heck is a “pixel-precise complexion” and why do I need a vibrating foundation to achieve it?

Supposedly, the 7,000 micro-vibrations per minute give your skin a mini-massage while breaking down the mineral powder so it blends together seamlessly. It’s oil-, talc-, and fragrance-free and contains aloe, vitamin E, and SPF 21, which I guess is a little bit better than plain old SPF 20. Is this helpful or just plain hype? Readers, let us know your thoughts.

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Available in 12 shades;, $48 at or